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Is the leading custom food truck builder and mobile business fabricator in the world. Specializing in food trucks, trailers, Mobile Kitchens, shipping container trailers and much more.

No job is too big or too small. At United Food Truck, customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We understand and appreciate the investment that every mobile business requires, which is why we have adopted a Policy of Transparency. Unlike other mobile business manufacturers, we allow our clients to track the progress of their build remotely through our video app.
Our design team coordinates with each client to create an atmosphere that is both accommodating to his or her stature and preferences. This process provides a truly customized mobile business that allows our clients to efficiently operate their business and deliver the best experience to their target market.
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Our begining

In 2015, Hector and Carla founded United Food Truck LLC, driven by the growing demand for mobile solutions in sales and distribution of prepared food. To fulfill this need, they decided to create a company that would provide the North American market with a variety of products designed to facilitate food making within mobile units, taking special care to important elements such as feasibility, practicality, mobility (both internal and external) and the ease of cleaning. 

These two entrepreneurs considered and analyzed every variable of adjustments and adaptation for step van trucks to make them optimal for building kitchens with commercial grade equipment in small spaces, meeting the highest quality standards in terms of mass food preparation.

At the beginning, there were a lot of difficulties, not only in the distribution of equipment but also in the metal manufacturing.

The first UFT project began, and it took a month and a half to be completed successfully, obtaining the approval of the Florida Division of Hotel and Restaurants for commercial use. After this first project, we noticed it was necessary to evaluate our manufacturing process to adapt it to standard methods that would contribute to continuous improvement by ensuring quality throughout the process and in the final product, reducing manufacturing times, optimizing the use of materials and minimizing costs. That is why, UFT adopted the manufacturing system called Lean Manufacturing, applied by major companies such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan. The process adaptation for our company took about 4 years to be consolidated and it reduced the manufacturing time from a month and a half to only 11 days with even better quality of product. As a result, our production lines were operating at full capacity which is up to 12 projects per month with two 8-hour shifts from Monday through Saturday, allowing us to have completed projects in most US states, Caribbean Islands and Latin America. 




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