At United Food Truck we are committed to efficiency and the highest quality standards.  We work with the most advanced machinery, equipment and tools on the market.  We are not only Food Trucks and concession trailers manufacturers, but also advisors. We will work alongside you to make sure your mobile business is totally compliant with the health and fire department codes and regulations that apply to your city. Our goal is for you to build the Food Truck/Concession Trailer that best suits the needs of your business. 


We have a highly qualified and knowledgeable team of Food Truck/Concession Trailers Specialists who will  guide you through the process of choosing the best equipment and the most functional layout for your Kitchen. Our Specialists will also work alongside you, to make sure your mobile business is totally compliant with the health and fire department codes and regulations.

Manufacturing Department

Our manufacturers have specialized training in the manufacture of food trucks and concession trailers, also, our projects are regulated by a manufacturing schedule that leads us to obtain the best-finished product in the shortest time (15 days), this is possible thanks to our company which has managed to create manufacturing processes adjusted to the physical spaces of our plant, machinery, equipment and high training of our manufacturers.




Our quality control processes are inspected by our supervisors who are in charge of throughly reviewing each step of the manufacturing process; to achieve the best finished product on the market.

At United Food Truck we are professionals at the Service of our clients and we will accompany them in each of the processes of their projects to help them fulfill their dreams of being an independent and successful entrepreneur. We guarantee that with our experience applied to each business model we will achieve the success of the entrepreneurship of each of our clients.



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