10 Reasons To Open A Food Truck Business

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1.  Less Skin in the Game It usually costs less money to buy a food truck and all the equipment than a restaurant sitting and everything that is involved. The costs involved in opening a restaurant vary based on the concept you develop. Opening a high-end dining establishment can start at 500K and can run into the millions. […]


If you’re reading this article, then you’re most likely considering starting a food truck business at united food truck. The process of buying a food truck can be an expensive, time-consuming task that involves a lot of communication between buyers and manufacturers. In order to make the task less intimidating, this article guides you through […]


The catering industry attracts a broad range of entrepreneurs. Maybe you’re an excellent cook, or maybe you’re interested in event planning. Indistinctly everybody has the same goal, BE SUCCESSFUL  Catering is about much more than putting food on plates. It’s about thinking your way through stressful situations, planning for the unexpected, and most importantly, running a […]

10 Food Truck Concept Ideas

If you’re planning on opening a food truck with your favorite theme or menu, you’re probably feeling a little anxious about whether or not the locals will dig your concept as much as you do.   Foodtrucks Are Here to Stay You can see food trucks outside office buildings during lunch hours, and at the […]

5 food truck blogs that you should be reading to succeed

Information about how to run a successful  food truck isn’t as easy to find. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest news in food trucks and the mobile food business with these 5 free blogs. 1. Roaming Hunger The hub for all things street food! This site helps you find and follow food trucks in your city. Use their […]


If you love to cook for others or have your own business, starting a food truck business with us at UNITED FOOD TRUCKcan be fun. It will be Fun in a way that you will be cooking for others and earn from it.  When starting a food truck business there are local, state and federal requirements that are […]

Social Media and Food Trucks Go Together Like Cupcakes and Icing!

I recently attended the South Beach Seafood Festival and given the fact I am a Digital marketeer, I couldn’t help but also pay close attention to how the trucks were branded, how they were integrating social media, leveraging the real estate on the truck, around the truck and other opportunities to create an amazing and […]

Legal Requirements for a Food Truck business in Miami

Oficina de United Food Truck en Miami

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in major metropolitan areas around the country and local governments are responding by adopting regulations that govern how food trucks operate in their communities. Miami has long been a food truck mecca, but operating a food truck business is not as simple as putting your menu on wheels. Here […]