5 Tips For New Food Truck Owners

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Food truck businesses are becoming more and more popular as food lovers become increasingly dissatisfied with the food at chain restaurants. These businesses can be more profitable than traditional restaurants in part because of their low overhead. However, starting a food truck business also comes with its own set of challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs should […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Open A Food Truck Instead Of A Regular Restaurant

why you should open a food truck instead of a regular restaurant

Flexibility to operate When businesses were ordered closed and social distancing requirements went into effect amid the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants were among the hardest hit. But not all food service businesses were affected equally: “Food trucks” or Mobile Food Services by their very nature have more flexibility to continue to operate. Food trucks are not […]

Now is the best Time For Starting a Food Truck Business

So you’ve considered starting a food truck business but keep wondering whether conditions are right to launch your winning concept. Or perhaps you have been dabbling with recipes on the side and can’t yet convince yourself that it’s the right time to take the leap from the safety of your full-time job. There’s always risk […]

10 Reasons To Open A Food Truck Business

1.  Less Skin in the Game It usually costs less money to buy a food truck and all the equipment than a restaurant sitting and everything that is involved. The costs involved in opening a restaurant vary based on the concept you develop. Opening a high-end dining establishment can start at 500K and can run into the millions. […]


If you’re reading this article, then you’re most likely considering starting a food truck business at united food truck. The process of buying a food truck can be an expensive, time-consuming task that involves a lot of communication between buyers and manufacturers. In order to make the task less intimidating, this article guides you through […]


The catering industry attracts a broad range of entrepreneurs. Maybe you’re an excellent cook, or maybe you’re interested in event planning. Indistinctly everybody has the same goal, BE SUCCESSFUL  Catering is about much more than putting food on plates. It’s about thinking your way through stressful situations, planning for the unexpected, and most importantly, running a […]

10 Food Truck Concept Ideas

If you’re planning on opening a food truck with your favorite theme or menu, you’re probably feeling a little anxious about whether or not the locals will dig your concept as much as you do.   Foodtrucks Are Here to Stay You can see food trucks outside office buildings during lunch hours, and at the […]