How to choose between a food truck and a concession trailer?

Everyone is raving about food trucks. It may even be your dream to open one someday. But is it? Of course, we love a good food truck! But we also suggest you look into concession trailers. Sure, the name is less appealing but it has lots of advantages and enables you to achieve the same results as a food truck: open a mobile restaurant. 

Here are the main attributes of Concession Trailers: 

  1. Budget
    The most frequent question we get is “what is the price?”, so it only seems fair to start with the budget question. Concession trailers start at a lower price than food trucks. Our concession trailers are from $23K and our food trucks start at $43.5K. You can get a personal quote here.
  2. Size
    Size is the second factor. How large do you need your kitchen to be? With concession trailers, you actually get more flexibility. You can get a small 12’ trailer but they can go up to 30’ – 32’! Which is not the case for food trucks that range from 14’ to 18’.
  3. Same great design
    You may have seen “cheap” concession trailers and automatically assumed concession trailers do not allow you to convey what your brand is about as well as a food truck. Well, it does! Here at United Food Truck, we make sure your concession trailer gets a nice design. See some examples of recently delivered concession trailers.
  4. Durability & maintenance
    We are not suggesting that food trucks are not durable. However, concession trailers may provide more durability and require less maintenance. Why you ask? Simply because you only get a kitchen to maintain, whereas, with a food truck, you get a kitchen and an engine (it is a truck first after all…)
  5. Lead time
    Concession trailers are produced faster, meaning you get to open your business sooner! The lead time for a concession trailer is 4 to 6 weeks (vs. 8 to 12 weeks for a food truck).

To sum things up, food trucks are amazing if you want a 2 in 1 option. However, concession trailers may be the best option for you if you are looking for a more budget-friendly, flexible option and already have a car or truck you can attach the trailer to. 


Still not sure? 

Take this quiz to determine which you should get. 

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4 thoughts on “How to choose between a food truck and a concession trailer?

  1. Vivian Black says:

    You made a great point about how a concession trailer is more durable and needs less maintenance. My husband and I are looking for professional mobile concessions that can be there for our event. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that fits these benefits.

    • UFT says:

      Dear Ms. Mendes,

      Please apologize us for the delayed response.

      Would you be so kind to please provide us your email address and phone number?

  2. Luke Smith says:

    I like that you pointed out how concession trailers start at a lower price than food trucks. I was looking at some business ideas the other day and I saw a concession trailer business as an example. I heard you need to ask for custom concession trailer design if you want to start with this kind of business.

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