esta si (2)How long have you wanted to become a food truck owner?

What’s holding you back?

Perhaps it’s the money aspect since you need funds to start a food truck business. Maybe you just don’t know where to start, or you dread the business side of running a food truck.

Whatever the case might be, another year is about to pass, another year you could have been a food truck owner.

While everyone’s journey is different and there’s likely a reason why you haven’t fully committed yet, here are 5 reasons to become a Food Truck owner in 2019.

1.) Get Paid For Your Passion. COOK

This might be the No. 1 reason why you want to join the food truck industry, for food is your passion and you want nothing more than to cook it for a living. You have amazing recipes and you’re just waiting for a platform to show them all off, and the food truck industry can be that platform. As a food truck owner, you will get to cook food for a living — you will literally get paid for your passion. How cool is that?

2.) You Will Be Your Own Boss

Not everyone is cut out to be an employee and take orders from a manager. As a Food Truck owner, you will get to run the show, which means you call all of the shots and your business will be operated exactly how you want it to be operated. Gone will be the days of taking orders from a manager

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3.) You Can Turn Your Food Truck Into A Catering Mobile Kitchen (and travel to awesome events )

Food trucks provide a lot of variety (and streams of income) for the owners. On top of traveling to normal locations on a weekly basis, you can also incorporate catering gigs. Not only will this lead to another stream of income but it will lead to you traveling to awesome events where your food truck steals the show (and gains more customers). Weddings, reunions, festivals, parades, food truck events — no matter where you serve food, everyone will love your meals.

4.) Financial Freedom 

This is one of the biggest reasons why people follow their dreams. Yes, passion plays a big role, but there’s something exciting about working at a job that has no cap on how much money you can make. As a food truck owner, that will definitely be the case for you.

5.) To Escape From A Dead-End Job

You might be at a job you love, but if your dream is to become a food truck owner, then you might also be at a dead-end job because it doesn’t lead to you becoming a food truck owner (and there’s no advancement in sight). You won’t escape a dead-end job until you put a plan in place and take action.

The 9-5 has a bad reputation. After all, no one wants to be stuck at a desk doing the same thing five days a week. Well, if you become a food truck owner, you can kiss the 9-5 life goodbye. While food trucks work a lot of hours — a big reason behind that is because they want to — they are typically not stuck in one spot for eight hours a day. They are traveling around town and serving new customers and meeting people they have never met before while making them happy with their food

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