Legal Requirements for a Food Truck business in Miami

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Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in major metropolitan areas around the country and local governments are responding by adopting regulations that govern how food trucks operate in their communities.

Miami has long been a food truck mecca, but operating a food truck business is not as simple as putting your menu on wheels. Here are a few things you need to know if you are thinking about starting a food truck business in Miami:

  • Your food truck must be built to state-specific requirements. All food preparation and service must be conducted within the vehicle and all cooking equipment must also be located inside the food truck.
  • Miami food trucks are required to have refrigeration, electricity, storage, freshwater tank, liquid waste tank and a three-compartment sink.
  • Food trucks must obtain and dump water in an approved nonresidential location (that is not a restaurant).
  • If four or more people are engaged in food service, a certified food manager must be present. The certified food manager must pass a Food Management Certification test.

Food truck licenses and permits

To operate a food truck in Miami, you must obtain a Certificate of Use that is renewable on an annual basis. You must provide information on the business, including hours of operation, and provide a copy of your required state license for food service establishments.

There are three types of permits available for food truck operators in Miami:

Special event permit – This permit allows your food truck to operate on private property twice a year for two weeks each time and on public property 10 times a year for two weeks each time.

Peddler’s license – This license is for food trucks that are always moving and only stop to serve (like an ice cream truck).

Vacant land permit – This permit allows you to park your food truck on vacant land (excluding parking lots and abandoned property) for up to six months, and is renewable in six-month increments for up to two years.


At United Food Truck we help you get all the legal permits required and guide you through the process so you can get your Food Truck Business running as fast as possible.

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